14 January 2012

Found a interesting story this morning.

Six Seabees and a forklift helped rescue a woman and her two daughters trapped in a smashed BMW that was on the verge of plummeting about 75 feet off a bridge after a fatal accident south of Buellton on Thursday.


OOrah Seabees !!!

11 June 2008

Congressman Al Green host first of kind event

Congressman Al Green, Ninth Congressional District Houston, Texas, hosts the first ever HEALTH & BENEFITS FAIR FOR VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILES at the Michael E. Debakey V.A. Medical Center. This groundbreaking event sets a precedent, since previous events have only been slated for the veterans themselves, Until now, families have not been extended invitations to former “veterans’ health fairs.

More than 400 veterans are expected to participate in free vision, dental, blood pressure, diabetes and various other health screenings. Both Veterans’’ Service Officers and representatives from the Veteran’s Land Board will be available.

For more information contact:
Revlon Belle
Cell: 832-282-5644

24 May 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here. Lots of festivities will be available to us this weekend I hope all of you enjoy them. Please remember the drinking and driving thing as too many people die or are seriously injured each year as a result and also remember to reason behind Memorial Day and take a Moment to remember the fallen heroes of OIF and wars past. I found a very thorough description of the holiday on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_day follow that link if you would like to know more...

19 May 2008

NMCB 15 OIF 2007 - 2008 Bat out of Hell

The Seabees of NMCB 15 arrived in Al Anbar province Iraq in Sept 2007 and in following the true Seabee tradition of over 60 years proceeded to carry out their mission, to make Iraq a better place. Under the leadership of CDR Wolfe the men and women of NMCB 15 did just that. The projects that were completed are too numerous to mention and the convoy support that was provided by the CSE teams was unmeasurable. The single most contributing factor to the success of this deployment that I saw was that the Battalion was able to see that there was a common goal and function as one to complete that goal. I am proud to say that I was able to serve with this Battalion on this deployment, it has allowed me to add up experiences that will last a life time. This blog has been establish to allow all of my Seabee mates from NMCB 15 an opportunity to share their experiences with others. Please feel free to add a post or a photo at any time or just let me know how you are doing.
Oorah Seabees,
SK2 (SCW) Stone